Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ripton Post Office to Close!

I was asked to send out word (from the Town Clerk) that the Ripton Post Office will be temporarily moved to East Middlebury soon. If you have a Ripton PO Box, be sure to pick up your mail at the Ripton Store location SOON. It is anticipated that boxes will be moved to East Middlebury later this week and that we will receive our mail there. There is no window service in Ripton as of now.

This is being called an "Emergency Closure." We still have our addresses and zip codes, and hopefully, will have our post office open again before long.

Sorry for the bad news, especially for those of you who are having trouble even getting out to get mail. On that topic, property damage estimate reports are still being accepted at the at the Town Office. There is a mailbox outside the office door, if you want to avoid the US mail or don't make it to the office while it's open. Damage report forms are on the bulletin board outside the Clerk's office and at the town shed.

Alison Joseph

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SAABMaven said...

I don't buy the 'Emergency' as there's no provision for it in the governance surrounding postal operations. You can see these yourself at

The decision to close requires a 60 day comment period involving the public (you). There is also a 30 day period of appeal. None of this happened; the decision was taken in secrecy.

Everything seems to be an 'Emergency' nowadays, especially those of our own making...