Monday, March 21, 2016

Community church gathering this Thursday

This Thursday evening the Ripton Community Church will host a community gathering.  Organizers invite us to a time of "support, friendship, health, compassion and joy.
Come Sing Songs, Share Stories, and Enjoy Good Soup and Bread."
Things start at 6 pm:

You can ask for more information by calling 802 388-6107.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Election day news

Yesterday was election day, and I'll summarize the latest.

A nice detail: this picture of our community house was on the New York Times front page:

Ripton passed its budget (source), as did most towns.

In town elections, all unopposed candidates won.  For the one contested seat, Perry Hanson narrowly defeated Dick Collitt for Select Board, 116 votes to 112 (source).

Act 46 passed all seven ACSU towns as of around 10 pm election night,along with four other districts,  so board unification will proceed.
Votes were as follows:

Yes:334 No:98
Yes:404  No:63    
Yes:1631 No:278
Yes: 150  No:93
Yes: 251 No:78
Yes: 305 No:143
Yes: 329 No:39

Given Act 46 approval, people from all seven towns elected representatives to the new Addison County Supervisory District (ACSD).  Broken down by town of residency and votes received:

Bridport: Suzanne Buck
Suzanne Buck - 1538
Rick Scott - 1182
Cornwall: Peter Conlon
Peter Conlon - 2975
Middlebury: Victoria Jette, JP Rees, Ruth Hardy, Jason Duquette-Hoffman, Lorraine Morse, Steve Orzech, Josh Quinn
Victoria Jette - 2716
JP Rees - 2105
Ruth Hardy - 2540
Jason Duquette-Hoffman - 2356
Lorraine Morse, - 2643
Steve Orzech - 2068
Josh Quinn – 2300
Ripton: Perry Hanson
Bryan Alexander - 993
Perry Hanson - 1033
Jerome Shedd - 498
Salisbury: Jennifer Nuceder
Jennifer Nuceder - 2800
Shoreham: Nick Causton
Nick Causton - 2741
Weybridge: Chris Eaton
Christoper Eaton - 2754
Here's how Riptonites voted for the school board.

In the presidential primary, Ripton folks leaned towards Bernie Sanders (source) (another source):
Democratic: Sanders 190, Clinton 26
Republican: Trump 13, Kasich 10, Cruz 5, Rubio 4, Carson 1, Paul 1