Tuesday, January 5, 2016

High speed chase through Ripton

Local police arrested an East Middlebury man for speeding very, very fast, and for attempting to flee.  This involved a high speed chase, which careened through Ripton and ended on our North Branch Road.
Vermont State Police were traveling south on Vermont 116 in Bristol around 1:02 a.m. Sunday morning when a vehicle, later determined to be driven by [Christopher] Shores, drove by in the opposite direction at a speed of 118 mph in the posted 50-mph zone... 
The vehicle failed to stop for police, and police said they pursued the car through Bristol, Lincoln and Ripton. 
Shores stopped on North Branch Road in Ripton after Vermont State Police and Middlebury police surrounded his car, Szarejko said. Shores provided a preliminary roadside breath sample to troopers, which measured his blood alcohol content to be 0.168 percent, police said.