Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ripton and a Riptonite's new book

One Ripton author has a new book out. And this article prominently features our town in discussing it:

I wrote the preface to my new book EAARTH on a gorgeous spring afternoon in
2009, perched on the bank of a brook high along the spine of the Green Mountains, a mile or so from my home in the Vermont mountain town of Ripton. The creek burbles along, the picture of a placid mountain stream...
Bill McKibben then returns to some recent Ripton history:

...but a few feet away there’s a scene of real violence a deep gash through
the woods where a flood in the summer of 2008 ripped away many cubic feet of
tree and rock and soil and drove it downstream through the center of the
village. Before the afternoon was out, the only paved road into town had been
demolished by the rushing water, a string of bridges lay in ruins, and the
governor was trying to reach the area by helicopter.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Community Concert at Ripton Elementary School

TAINO Artist-in-Residency at Ripton Elementary School this week (April 19-23)

Taino will bring its School Residency Program to Ripton Elementary School this week as part of a school-wide thematic study of Central and South America. Taino is a musical group that provides a cross cultural experience on Latin America with a special focus on the endangered forest regions of the Amazon basin. Through stories, ethnic instruments, songs, and language from remote parts of the world, the program will focus on helping students understand and appreciate this culture and the impact of the rapidly disappearing rainforests.

The Ripton Elementary School has been awarded grants from Neat Repeats, Friends of Ripton School, and the Vermont Arts Council for the residency program with Taino. Lodging for the artists is being provided by Tony Clark and Blueberry Hill Inn. The entire Ripton School community wishes to express gratitude to these organizations and individuals for bringing this exciting program to our community.

The residency begins Monday April 19th and ends Friday April 23rd, including an evening performance for the community on Thursday, April 22nd at 6:30pm at Ripton Elementary School. The performance is free and open to the public.