Sunday, June 29, 2008

P.O. - A Request from Sally

I will be faxing our petition to the office of Cheryl Hey in NH at 8:00am Monday morning, June 30 (tomorrow) so that she will have it prior to the 10:00am meeting. She's expecting it. If you know of anyone who hasn't seen the petition, who is not getting these emails, please help them if you can by bringing a page to them. I will leave many copies at both the store and town office.

I'm thinking that I could also fax letters from individual residents stating why you believe that Ripton needs to maintain it's Post Office. I suggest keeping these letters short, simple, and professional; a couple of sentences to a half page at most. Folks who have businesses in Ripton should especially be heard from. Use letterhead if you have it. I believe that the impact of numbers of signatures on the petition and brief individual statements will be effective and impossible to ignore as these postal authorities sit down to talk about our situation. Details can some later. I will leave an envelope at the store (open 8:00-6:00 today) and outside the town office (available 24 hours) for your letters. Deadline: Monday morning, 7:50 a.m.

While I'm at it, I will also fax the petition and letters to the offices of Welch, Leahy, and Sanders. Anyone else? If some of you can help me round up fax numbers, I'll send them anywhere they need to go!


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SAABMaven said...

Just saw your deadline of 7:50 AM. I'm on my way down now with that letter!