Friday, June 27, 2008

P.O. UPDATE 4:30 pm June 27, 2008

Rachel from Peter Welch’s office just called and asked that I share this information since she only had time to make one call.

She said that they have been assured that the mailboxes will not be removed on Saturday and the Department is meeting on Monday to determine their next steps. IT IS POSSIBLE, HOWEVER, THAT THE BOXES COULD BE REMOVED ON MONDAY. So, someone should volunteer to contact Cynthia Thurston on Monday to find out. Rachel said that there will be a public meeting at some point to explore possibilities, but she wasn’t sure when that would be. Options as they see it include rehiring a Clerk, moving the PO to another spot in Ripton (not sure why??!!), closing it all together, or home delivery.

Ripton residents may pick up their mail in E. Middlebury beginning tomorrow. Please note there is a new policy stating you need to show picture ID to pick up your mail at the window. If the window or PO is closed, but someone is evidently in the PO we just need to knock on the closed window and someone will be happy to get our mail for us. If a Riptonite can’t get down the mountain, they may write a letter giving a neighbor or family member permission to pick up their mail.

She said they realize they have broken policy or federal regs by not giving us enough notice. I asked: since it’s now illegal to stop services, why can’t they reassign someone from another post office to do Ripton until they either figure it out or comply with federal regs. She didn’t have an answer for that one.

So – that’s all I have heard from the powers that be today. If anyone hears the boxes will be moving on Monday, please let the rest of us know so we can protest.

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