Friday, June 27, 2008

E. Middlebury Post Office Sat. AM

It looks as if we have a "stay of deconstruction" - Peter Welch's office has stopped the removal of the boxes for now. There is a meeting scheduled for this Monday at 10:00 of the regional postal directors (not sure exactly who they all are) where our situation will be discussed and hopefully some determination made as to a next step. In the meantime, if we are understanding our June 26 notice from Sean Donahue correctly, our mail will be available at the East Middlebury PO by 10:30 am every Monday through Saturday beginning tomorrow. Saturday window hours are 8:30am - 11:30am which gives us just an hour to get our mail.

Seems to me a reasonable time to go would be 11:00 am - you know, give them an extra half hour to sort all that mail and still be done with window service by 11:30 - and since we all probably have individual errands to run afterward we should all go in separate cars. You get the picture - see you there!

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