Thursday, June 26, 2008

Follow up on Post Office #3 - It's Temporary!

I just got off the phone with Rachel from Peter Welch’s office. She spoke with the Regional Director and told me that they guarantee that this is only temporary. I asked why they had to physically move the boxes and not just handle it the way they did the last time and she said she didn’t know other than they are short staffed. I asked if they could sort the mail in East Midd and then close that branch for 2 hours while the post master brought the mail up and placed it in boxes in Ripton. She thought that was a reasonable request and would see what the regional director thought.

At any rate, she said they are coordinating with Ripton to hold a meeting soon, so we should all plan to attend. They want to discuss all options with us at that time. She also said to let her know if we need anything else.

That’s all I know….

Joyce Dicianna

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