Friday, June 27, 2008

P.O. Update

Bonnie and Bob each had a conversation with Sean Donahue within the past 15 minutes and their understanding is that Bob will be bring the Saturday mail up as usual, and Bonnie will be here to sort it. Then at 11:00, Sean will arrive to take Bonnie's keys and officially take back control of our office. Sean is aware of the meeting on Monday morning of the Regional Postal Service representatives, but he maintains that he will be here later on Monday to remove the boxes.

I just called Peter Welch's office looking for Rachel, who has been so helpful. She was gone for the day, but I relayed a message to the person who answered the phone. I said that we are very confused - we have mixed messages about where we are to receive our mail in the morning, and Sean Donahue is still threatening to remove the boxes. I was told that according to the information from the Regional Postal Service, Ripton mail will be available at the East Middlebury PO beginning tomorrow, and that we must present a photo ID to get our mail, and if we send a family member in our place, we must supply a letter giving that person permission to pick our our mail.

I think there is good reason for many people to be confused in the morning.

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