Thursday, June 26, 2008

Follow up on Post Office #2

I am following up on this. I called the woman in Rutland (Cynthia Thurston) yesterday and left a message. I called again today and left another message. Finally I called the Rutland Postmaster because I was afraid that Cynthia might be on vacation. He told me he would be seeing her later today. I gave him the relevant information, and he was quite amazed. I should be hearing back from Cynthia after he speaks with her.

Warren had offered to contact Peter Welch. I had suggested waiting until I had some specifics, but it's fine that that ball is already rolling. I am going to be "spearheading" this for the Select Board so if anyone has information, etc. please let me know.

I did call to talk to Sean and was told he is on medical leave. Overall, the dealings on contract PO's go through an office in Kansas.

Laurie Cox

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