Thursday, June 5, 2008

From the VFD

Hello neighbors

As you've probably noticed, the cost of oil and gas is skyrocketing. That's got all of us thinking about how to make do—but it's also got those of us at the Ripton Fire Department thinking about next winter.

We know that the trend towards more home heating with wood is likely to continue. And we know that right now is the time to make sure that those woodstoves will be safe next winter.

Chimney fires are responsible for more fires, more fire deaths, and more property damage than any other kind of heating fuel. They cause five times as many fires as space heaters. Hundreds die every year. If you've never seen a chimney fire, we can tell you how dramatic they can be: a loud roar from the blaze in the chimney, the stove pipe turning cherry red with the heat, and all too often the quick spread of the fire to nearby walls and woodwork with disastrous results.

We're willing to come put out those fires—but we'd much rather they didn't happen in the first place, for your safety and ours too. So we're asking you please to get in touch soon with a local chimney sweep, who should visit once a year at the least in order to clean the creosote that inevitably builds up in your stovepipe and chimney.

There are lists of local chimney sweeps in the yellow pages, or on line at:

Thank you very much,

The Ripton Volunteer Fire Department

P.S.—Don't forget to come to our big barbecue on July 26

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