Wednesday, June 18, 2008

From Rep. Willem Jewett

I've been doing some work on disaster relief.

It appears that there will be assistance for the town in fixing the roads even if there is no federal disaster designation. This is through the Town Highway Emergency Fund.

However, the federal designation also carries with it assistance for individuals. My understanding as of today is that the trigger is $1,000,000 in damage. There is some distinction which I don't fully understand yet between private and public damage but the long and the
short of things at this point is to make sure that everyone is documenting their losses.

I have also heard that there may be SBA loan funds made available. It would help me to know whether this would be truly helpful and to whom. Please let me know about your particular situations and I would be happy to keep pushing on the SBA program.

Willem Jewett

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SAABMaven said...

How can one document the loss of Dugway Road? To be bottlenecked onto Rte. 125 behind a slow truck belching diesel fumes?

There are many Dugway Roads in the history of Vermont. Allowing them to fall into disrepair to save money plays into the hands of land speculation and suburban cul-de-sac development.

Rob Wagner