Friday, June 20, 2008

Addison Independent on the Ripton rains

The Addison Independent reports on the Ripton water damage.
“All we can do right now is fill in the ruts and get people moving,” said Ripton Road Commissioner Ron Wimett, who with other state and local workers has spent untold hours since Saturday’s rainstorm at the controls of heavy equipment, filling massive craters and gullies carved into the North Branch Road and other rural lanes that could not stand up to the torrential downpour that forced the Middlebury River and its tributaries to hop their respective banks. One estimate indicated more than six inches of rain fell in Ripton during just a few hours Saturday night.

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SAABMaven said...

Have noted that trucks on Rte. 125 eastbound avoid the soft edge that was never fixed properly, and drive in the middle of the road. If you're driving the other way in a mere automobile, you're forced off the road, which is exactly what I see happen.

With my 5yo son, I'd rather take Dugway Road, but Dugway never got fixed, at all! Where, indeed, do our high taxes go?