Thursday, June 26, 2008

Post Office Follow-up #1

Because I’m the curious type, I have called the Rutland Regional Post Master (Cynthia Thurston) at 802-747-4529 to inquire about this whole situation and future of our service. She was not in; I left a message to call me.

I then called Cong. Peter Welch’s office in Burlington and discovered he has a staff person in charge of postal affairs (Rachel). Their office number is 802-652-2450 if anyone needs it. I explained what little I knew of the situation, explained that for some of our elderly residents or those who work in the home, this would be an incredible inconvenience and asked her if she could help us understand the future plan for our PO or if she could provide any information whatsoever. She is going to call the Director of the VT / NH Postal Services and get back to me with what she finds out.

Let’s work together to keep our mail services in Ripton!

Joyce Dicianna

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