Thursday, July 3, 2008

We make Postal News

Our Ripton post office story appeared on this week's Postal News site. Some, ah, interesting comments.

(thanks to Jeremy Grip)


Anonymous said...

"Interesting" is one way of putting it. Some of the folks commenting on that postal news site clearly didn't bother to check their facts (which were readily available). But I'd like to think their animosity was really directed at the postal service, and not the people of Ripton. Perhaps, also, those who benefit from "big city" services, such as home mail delivery 6 days a week, weekly trash pickup, and other municipal services, might not be able to relate to the added challenges facing the rural populations of the U.S., particularly the northeast. Still, I wouldn't choose any other place to be.

Rob said...

I agree about living here; even though we pay Big City taxes but receive no public services in return.

Yup, some of them didn't read carefully...

The Riptonites said...

Good points, both of you folks.

Re: the ignorance of some commentators, maybe we need to public a backgrounder on this. It's hard to get an overview.