Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Billings Farm Road: Riptonites' struggle continues

From Charles Billings, an urgent plea for some of our friends and neighbors:
Perhaps overlooked in all the other road problems Ripton has, and the Post Office closing, is the plight of the seven (7) homeowners on Billings Farm Road. These residents have lost 2 bridges and more than 50 truckloads (14 cu ft each) of fill. Only one of these homes can reach their property by car. Access for emergency and service vehicles is blocked. Too soon, winter will be making their lives even more difficult if they are unable to get deliveries of wood, gas or fuel oil.

These residents are trying to pull together, but are faced with a minimum of $25,000-50,000 of expenses to put their road back together. The age, health and wealth of this neighborhood makes it even more of a burden than it would be for most others in Ripton.

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