Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Even more progress on the post office

More progress - an update from Sally Hoyler, via email:
Good news. Cindy Mason (manager of marketing with USPS) has contacted Bonnie DeGray (most previous postmaster) about working 30-60 days at the Ripton PO to continue incoming and outgoing mail service here through the bidding process for a new postmaster. Bonnie can't cover all the hours but we have come up with at least 3 people who can assist. It's quickest and best for USPS to pay Bonnie and then it's up to Bonnie to pay others - I've confirmed this with Cindy as well, and I will help Bonnie facilitate a schedule, etc. Bonnie will be getting back to Cindy later today with a dollar figure that she needs and coordinate getting the keys and scanner (scans packages) back from East Middlebury PO. Sounds like as soon as that's done, and as soon as we can schedule in a team, we can have our mail back home.

This means so much to us and we thank you for all you've done to make us heard. I will update you again when we are truly frequenting our local PO again. In the meantime, there are several fine folks planning to bid for the permanent position.

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