Saturday, July 5, 2008

Updates on the Ripton postal affair

A few updates and thoughts on the Ripton post office crisis, on this July 4th weekend:
  1. Our CPU is still closed. No sign of temporary staffing from East Middlebury or the United States Postal Service in general.
  2. Sue says that the General Store didn't receive their newspapers today. Yes, the East Middlebury PO was too overwhelmed to process even the Addison Independent. (The paper processed us, though!)
  3. The East Middlebury PO is afflicted by long lines and delays, as one staffer, apparently alone, tried to do two towns' worth of mail.
  4. East Middlebury people seem baffled by the whole thing, and sometimes frustrated by the new delays. Apparently nobody told them about the Ripton affair.
What are your thoughts, blog readers?

- Bryan Alexander


Marquibeck said...

Browsed from to The Addison Independent report and back here ... the newspaper -atoms- didn't make it... but the links did.

The admin seems to be losing it with too many demands, extending community action and increasing diverse signals might help. (and this blog also rocks!!). Have you posted photos in Flickr? opening a Ripton GROUP there and inviting others in the community to go post their own, invite their friends and so on might spread the "movida" action.

The Riptonites said...

Bits beat atoms - a useful summary of this crisis!

I have two Flickr things you might like, this group and this tag.