Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Aagenda for tonight's Billings Farm Road Meeting

Here's the agenda for tonight's meeting, the Billings Farm Road Meeting of July 23, 2008:

Willem Jewett Review
o Category B FEMA
o EWP (Emergency Watershed Protection Program)
o Addison County Housing Coalition
o United Way
o SBA and/or Other Loans/Funding
o Overview of Maintenance & Repair Formulas for Association Agreement
Chris Brunelle (ANR, Stream Alteration Engineer)
o Report and Review of Culvert/Bridge Options
Alison Joseph
o Approval of Alison’s Minutes for Meeting of July 9, 2008
o Comments
Residents’ Review
o Update of Any Road Work Completed Since Last Meeting
o SBA Feedback
o Feedback from Maintenance & Repair Formulas
o Revisions to Earlier Cost Estimates
o Drawing for Culvert & Stone Reinforcements—Piper Brook
o Other
Revise Methods & Cost Estimates for Repair Scenarios

Residents Action Items before next Meeting
o Publicity—E.g.
o Fund Raising—Lisa Durante “Committee”
o Road Work—Todd & Melvin “Committee”
o Other
Next Meeting
o Time
o Place
(thanks to Charles Billings)

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