Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Post office progress

I just spoke with Kathi Roy, a New Hampshire-based USPS Manager of Consumer Affairs. She tells me that the bidding process is proceeding.

I asked about the phrase "alternative location", which suggests moving the office. Roy explained that this was automatic language, and did not require changing location. The phrase allows a bidder to propose another location, should they so desire.

For those concerned about language, Roy also described our town's post office as a CPO, not a CPU.

I'm still not sure why a temporary worker (or workers) could not be assigned to the Ripton boxes, either in our town or East Middlebury.

-Bryan Alexander

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Rob said...

I tried waiting on line one day at the East Middlebury suburban PO. There was indeed a temporary worker there... however, even with two people they either won't or can't sort the Ripton mail. They wait until you show up, say your box number.... and then make you stand and wait for 15 minutes while they try to pull your mail. As a result of this poor process, I am receiving mail inexplicably late, or not at all.