Monday, May 12, 2008

Spring Keeps Coming On

May 2 – Red trillium in bloom and Jack-In-The-Pulpit is up.

May 5 – Black-throated Green Warbler makes its first appearance of the year. Also, the gorgeous Rose-breasted Grosbeak and a Black-throated Blue Warbler. Red-breasted nuthatches are frequenting our feeders suddenly even though they are resident year round. Male and female turkeys strutting their stuff.

May 6 – First hummingbird – we filled the feeder yesterday.

May 7 – Nice look at a Nashville warbler. Plenty of Pine siskins in the trees.

May 8 – Black-and-white warbler and also a chestnut-sided warbler. An ovenbird is sending out its loud “teacher, teacher, teacher” calls. Seems like a lot of warblers in our trees this morning. And also two unusual birds – Red Crossbills!

May 9 – The delicate white flowers of goldthread are blooming.

May 10 – Bluebird in the yard. Osprey overhead.

May 11 – Mothers’ Day for bears too - a mama with two cubs were under our porch in the middle of the day. I had my camera handy and took a quick photo. Then I scared them off by banging together some pots. The little ones ran right away; the mother was less frightened but eventually took off after them.

Barry and Warren King

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The Riptonites said...

Wow! Great shot of the bears. And sound advice.