Sunday, May 25, 2008

Local gas prices, watch them rise

There's a neat gas prices device on, which lets you enter a zip code to find local fuel costs. Here's a snapshot of Ripton's results, from a few minutes ago:


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SAABMaven said...

My econo-car gets twice the gas mileage of the wasteful pickup SUVs and vanity SUVs that seem to have taken over Vermont. Gas prices seem to be an issue meant to distract us from something else.

But how about heating oil ?!?

Our representatives (Bernie in particular) are curiously silent on the subject of heating oil, even though the price has doubled since I have moved to Vermont a few years ago.

And how about the near-total absence of public transport in a state that prides itself on environmentalism? Where do our fuel taxes disappear to anyway? I'd be happy to pay $8 a gallon, if the taxes went to real public transport.