Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Brisk Hill Climb!

A brisk and windy version of the Green Mountain Hill Climb yesterday morning saw about 40 runners charge up from the Town Hall parking lot to the top of Middlebury Gap. The winners were both stars of the Middlebury nordic ski team: Tim Reynolds for the men, in a closely fought battle with last year's winner Robert Lukasiewicz, and Alexia Turzian for the women. The prize for youngest runner went to Ripton's Rowan Warren. The race, which benefits the North Branch School, drew on the skills of many volunteers, led by race chief Mike Hussey, Mia Allen, Barry King, Sue Halpern, Bill Biederman, Chris Lacey, and many many others. In particular, the Fire Dept. did its usual fine job of directing traffic. Pictures should be available soon at

Bill McKibben

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