Monday, May 5, 2008

More Signs of the Season

April 23 – Along the creek in the woods, the false hellebore is now 6" high and watercress is spreading roots and leafy green in the cold water.  We stood outside inhaling the first warm rain and although it was just a brief shower, it was very welcome after nearly ten days of dry weather.
April 24 – Bright yellow trout lily blossoms today. The paler wild oats are also in bloom in some dry, sunny spots.
April 25 – We followed a bumblebee's hum to find it working a willow blossom. Dutchman’ britches and squirrel corn are both in flower and confusing us with their identification. Also in bloom: spring beauty, round-leaved yellow violet, blue cohosh, northern fly honeysuckle and one lonely red trillium (or wake robin or stinkin’ Benjamin or nose bleed.)

April 26 – Hobblebush’s large white flower clusters are shining like a beacon in the woods. Saw an osprey flying overhead. Our chipmunks have emerged from their long winter’s nap – not hibernation really, just a deep sleep.

April 27 - Blue-headed vireo singing. The little sweet white violets are blooming in the yard, four dandelions, and our first shadbush blossoms. If that's what this morning’s sprinkle brought, I can't wait to see what tomorrow’s rain will bring.

April 29 – First rose-breasted grosbeak at our feeder this morning. What a gorgeous bird!

May 1 - First BLACK BEAR in our yard! It left pawprints in the garden, cleaned out the sunflower seed and tipped the compost. Everyone should be aware of this and put away bird feeders, carefully clean grills that are left outside, etc. If you see a bear near your house, especially if it’s a young one (long legs and long ears for its size,) try to safely scare it off so it learns that being near people isn’t safe. Bang pots or make other loud noises to try to get rid of it. If it doesn’t leave, it’s probably a seasoned veteran and there’s not much to do except remove all possible attractants.

-Becky Purdum, Tom Moran and Warren and Barry King

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