Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Riptonite seeks Vermont House position

Ripton resident and representative Willem Jewett is aiming for the Vermont House majority whip position, according to the Addison Independent.

It’s a leadership role in which Jewett, 47, would be charged with two main tasks: Gathering key information from House committee rooms and communicating it to other lawmakers and citizens; and counting votes likely to be cast by party faithful prior to major referenda being decided on the House floor.

In his own words,

“When it comes down to it (lawmaking) is about people; it’s about relationships,” said Jewett, who would have to limit his work on the House Judiciary Committee in order to fulfill his majority whip assignments. “Those relationships are what make us successful, not the specifics of any particular policy, but how we communicate with each other.”

Go Willem!

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bill mckibben said...

The right man for the job! Thanks for being so willing to work, Willem

Bill McKibben