Monday, November 1, 2010

No Ripton school Halloween this year

The Ripton school did not have a Halloween celebration this year, for the first time in a long while. There was no parade, no hay ride, no scary stories, nor any haunted house, apparently (and please correct if this is wrong).

What do you think, Riptonites and friends? As a community, have we decided as a whole to separate the public school from the Halloween holiday?

-Bryan Alexander, one of the Riptonites team, and a parent


Anonymous said...

I love Halloween and I am sorry that no parents were able to help organize something in town for the children. However, I understand that people are very busy and sometimes it is just easier to take children to East Middlebury or Middlebury to Trick or Treat. I hope that in time, there will once again be something for children to do in our own community.

Julie Allen said...

I am a new parent to the school community this year and I was looking forward to having my daughter enjoy the Halloween celebration for the first time as a student. I was sad to see we are no longer following past traditions. I remember a time where school and holidays were combined into a whole, showing great holiday spirit and enjoyment for all. I agree that it may be distracting for some to have all the holiday hoopla but as long as we can add some educational history and explore the holiday in a way to keep the traditions alive and still meet the educational missions of the school. Halloween in particular is a holiday about dressing up, telling scary stories and enjoying yourself. Having the school and community members coming together as a whole is a great sign of teamwork and community involvement turning it in to wonderful learning experience for the children. I don’t understand why we could not keep the Halloween celebration and let the kids in this small community have something to look forward to in their own backyard.