Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ripton Fire Department in the storm

Reflections from a Ripton volunteer:

Hurricane Irene was a true disaster for the state of Vermont. Here in Ripton we were very lucky, due in part to the mitigation work done since 2008. Moreover, Riptonites generally are prepared for these instances.

What the Ripton Fire Dept accomplished during the storm:
  • Pumped water out of basements.
  • Flagged hazards.
  • Removed trees from roads.
  • Maintained safety around downed power lines.
  • Checked on those with high health risks.
  • Served as information center when all phones were down.
  • Prepared to treat and stabilize patients in the event that Ripton remained inaccessible to any transport.
  • Provided medical and fire coverage for Hancock, Goshen and Lincoln in those places that were accessible by our emergency vehicles.
  • Surveyed road damage.
  • Mitigated road damage where we could.
  • Reported road damage to road commission.
We are still providing coverage to Hancock, until they no longer need us.
Our two cadets distinguished themselves during this emergency. Our newest cadet provided phone coverage at the station, freeing up firefighting personal to go out in the field. Our older cadet helped out in the field, helping to run the machinery to pump out flooded basements.

Ripton Fire Department continues to be in touch with Emergency Management and FEMA.

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