Monday, September 5, 2011

Irene recovery: answers to questions

Bernie Sanders has posted a fine frequently asked questions page about Irene recovery.
For example,
If my property or business was damaged in the storm, or if I have immediate needs such as food or shelter, what should I do first?

I have heard that the President has declared a "Major Disaster." What does this mean for Vermonters?

What does FEMA "Individual and Household Assistance" cover?

How do I apply for FEMA Individual Assistance?

What help is there for renters and homeowners through the Small Business Administration, and how do I apply?

Should I wait until I am approved for disaster assistance before making repairs to my home?

Should I move back into my home if it is damaged?

My basement is still flooded. What should I do?

My land is facing immediate damage by a river or stream, is there help available?

A propane tank washed into my front yard by the flooding. What should I do?

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