Sunday, September 12, 2010

Talk tonight at the town church

Neighbor Bill McKibben will give a talk tonight in the town church.
“The Taunting Whirlwind” is the Annual Rabbi Victor E. Reichert Bible Talk .
From the flyer:

Sunday, September 12th
5 P.M.
@ The Ripton Community Church
All are invited

Ripton’s own Bill McKibben, a Middlebury College scholar in residence, will give a talk entitled “The Taunting Whirlwind”. Per tradition, this title and the content of the lecture will serve as clues pointing to the text from the Hebrew Bible/Tanakh that McKibben will engage.

McKibben’s reputation precedes him. He is an author, educator, and environmentalist of international renown. He is also a United Methodist.

Rabbi Victor Reichert began the tradition of gathering his friends and the public and giving a “little talk” on one of the books of the Bible at the end of each summer. Rabbi Reichert was affectionately known as “the Methodist rabbi” and “the rabbi in residence”. Since his death in 1990, Havurah, the Jewish congregation in Addison County, and the United Methodist Church in Ripton have honored his memory by continuing the talks in his name.

Sponsored by Friends of The Ripton Community Church

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