Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Petition against closing Sand Hill bridge

One petition calls on VTrans not to close the Sand Hill bridge:

We, the undersigned, are concerned about the impact of closing Vermont
Route 125 and creating traffic detours across the Brandon Gap and Upper Plains
Road, during the prolonged reconstruction of the Sand Hill Bridge in East

We insist that VTrans consider the impacts of closure:

1. Emergency Services: Fire, Ambulance, Police times to Ripton would be increased considerably;

2. As many as 2000 trips per day would be added to traffic on both Upper Plains Road, the North Branch Road and Notch Road;

3. Businesses in Hancock, Goshen, Ripton and East Middlebury that depend on Route 125 would be severely impacted and unable to serve the community effectively.

Please maintain this vital east-west transport corridor through phased construction, or by installing one of Vermont's many temporary bridges.


The Undersigned

Previous post on the latest Sand Hill bridge meeting.

(thanks to Robert Wagner)

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