Saturday, October 4, 2008

Try the "Low Carbon Diet"!

Information on a useful, upcoming program:
Try the "Low Carbon Diet" 30-Day Program to reduce your household's carbon
footprint while gaining energy savings rapidly. This easy-to-follow series
meets for four Mondays beginning October 6, from 7-8 pm at the Addison
County Regional Planning Commission (ACRPC) office on 14 Seminary Street
in Middlebury. Learn how to measure your household's carbon footprint in
the first session on October 6 and about the biggest sources of energy use
and carbon emmissions for your household. Next, make an Action Plan from
choices in the Low Carbon Diet Workbook working toward a goal of reducing
your household's carbon footprint by 5,000 pounds in 30 days. The cost is
$12 for the workbook. Report on your results and learn more about energy
savings and options in subsequent sessions. Sessions facilitated by Laura
Asermily, Middlebury Energy Coordinator. For more info or to register for
the program, call 388-9478 or email

(thanks to Warren King)

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