Friday, April 11, 2008

On communities and neighbors: a new Bill McKibben article

A new Bill McKibben article explores how Americans used to be closer to neighbors than we are now, and how that might change.

There's a nod to Ripton's fire department, perhaps:
Think, in the course of an ordinary day, how often you rely on the people who live near you for anything of practical value. Perhaps carpooling your kids to school or soccer. If you live in a rural community, there may be a volunteer fire department, which keeps your insurance affordable.

Some fascinating discussion follows on that site.


Brad Zebal said...

Wonderful article, and what a great little website you Riptonites have going here !

Hi Bryan !

Brad Zebal
Westminster, MD

The Riptonites said...

On behalf of the Ripton blog team, thanks, Brad. Good to see, er, read you here.