Sunday, April 27, 2008

Green Up Day

Saturday, May 3rd is Green Up Day this year. Here’s your chance to enlist your kids or your parents or your grandparents or your neighbors to help remove the trash from the roadside where some thoughtless individual chucked it.

In Vermont we pick up trash throughout the year, but once each year WE PICK UP TRASH, the big stuff, the small stuff, even the gross stuff (wearing gloves isn’t a bad idea). It goes into green up bags, available at the Ripton Country Store, the Elementary School, the North Branch School, the Ripton Town Office and, on Saturday, the Ripton Town Shed.

You bring the filled bags to the town shed. We’ll take green up bags until Friday, May 9th. The transfer station on Route 7 takes them from us at no cost to you or Ripton. If you have a carful or a trailerful, get a letter from the green up coordinators, the Town Clerk, or the recycling volunteer, giving consent to take your load directly to the transfer station at no charge. But those folks are trash savvy. No good passing off garage junk for genuine green up stuff. They can tell.

Remember: that driver who thinks he owns the road may not see you. You and those you’re with need to take extreme care. Wear bright clothes.

Don’t forget that Saturday, May 3rd is also a recycling day. Bring your recycling to the shed as usual, $3 a load, best deal in town other than green up bags.

Warren King (388-4082) and Steve Zwicky (388-2301)
Green Up Coordinators

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