Thursday, March 5, 2015

Town meeting 2015

This week we held our annual town meeting.  Here are some quick notes.

We began the March 2, 2015 meeting with thoughts on the late Sally Hoyler, Riptonite, friend of many, and town clerk.

Next we approved the main budget ($577,000; general fund and highway), the necessary tax collection to support it, and set the tax due date (November 5, 2015).

Then we moved on to some policies, namely changing terms for the town clerk and town treasurer positions to one year, instead of three.

All of these measures passed unanimously on voice votes.

The meeting concluded with announcements, including one from the newly revived Ripton Historical Society (RHS).

We then switched from town meeting to school board meeting, and passed a school budget of $905,614.

The next day, March 3rd, saw Riptonites vote for various officers.  The results, according to the Addison Independent, were:
  • Ron Wimett retained his selectboard position after defeating Perry Hanson, 64 to 49.
  • Tim Hanson continued as town moderator.
  • Kathleen Sullivan " " delinquent tax collector.
  • Beth Eliason " "  as lister.(CORRECTED)
  • Marlene Thompson is the new cemetery commissioner.(CORRECTED)
  • Carol Ford and Perry Hanson remain on the Ripton Elementary School board.
Does anyone have details or reflections to add?

(thanks to Barry and Warren King for assistance)

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