Thursday, April 24, 2014

What's next with the Sand Hill bridge

What's ahead in the bridge construction project?
From VTrans:

ScheduleFriday (4/25): Precast concrete footings will be set into place.
Saturday (4/26) & Sunday (4/27):  Concrete preparation and pouring the sub footing for the precast concrete arch.
Monday (4/28) & Tuesday (4/29):  The precast breast walls and wing walls for the bridge will be set into place.
Thursday (5/1) & Friday (5/2): The precast arch panels will be mobilized to  the site and set into place. Immediately following the installation of the arch panels, the structural steel beams set into place.
Saturday (5/3) & Sunday (5/4):  Concrete NEXT beams will arrive on site and set into place.
(thanks to Sally Hoyler)

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