Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Celebrating the school going solar

Today we celebrated a major community achievement: the Ripton school going solar!

At noon principal Harrington welcomed the community.  Parents, school board members, workers, teachers, and all sorts of interested people listened as Tracey explained the course of the project.

The schoolchildren made signs explaining the achievement, like this one:

As we discussed the project, the school roof gleamed overhead with its new solar arrays, bright even under a cloudy sky:

One of the designers showed us how electricity and information combined in a series of panels:

Then the leading team assembled, including designers, builders, the school district's financial wizard, and those who dreamed up the project:
You can spot a thin red ribbon behind that group.  The latter then cut the former:
While we celebrated the solar systems busily generated power, as they have since November 8th.

In fact, you can check how much power the school's solar roof generates by clicking this link.  The results will look something like this:

This blog offers congratulations to the town, and many thanks to everyone who made this green initiative possible.

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