Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thank you in Advance


I'm so happy that this little internet watering hole has found a place in your lives. I'm grateful that Bryan has taken on regular posting, and that through the Daily Riptonite I can continue to feel connected to what goes on in our mountain town.

I set up the blog several years ago, and until now I've covered the expenses of maintaining it. It's not much - basically the domain name fee which lets it be accessed at the elegant www.riptonite.com. But I'm hoping that some of you who find this a useful resource might be able to help with a small donation to the cause. Should we go over what I've invested (about $150) I'll put it toward our next renewal in 2017, and remove the donation link.

Thanks very much!
Win Colwell

Donations can be made through the newly improved button on the left, or using this link.

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The Riptonites said...

Thank you, Win, for doing so much to make this blog possible.