Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Willem communication

Update and requests from representative Willem Jewett:

Friends and Neighbors:

I've been out visiting with folks in the most
damaged areas of the district (Hancock). On Monday evening things looked pretty
bleak but a great deal of progress was made today. On Monday travel in or out of
the entire upper White River Valley (Rochester, Hancock, and Granville) was not
possible. As of this evening even passenger vehicles can make it over the gap. I
wouldn't have thought it possible when I saw the damage on Monday but a few
excavators can do a lot of work when the skies are clear.

I have two
brief requests:

#1) If you have been affected by Hurricane Irene please
call 211 to report your situation. Every one of these individual reports helps
us to document the extent of the damage and form the basis for our requests for
federal disaster relief funding.

#2) Let me know if you need help.

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