Friday, April 29, 2011

Ripton's Tik Root speaks this Sunday

This Sunday, in Ripton's church, Tik Root will describe his Syrian odyssey.
At 4 pm, come hear the story!

Charles Billings writes:

Tik Root, a Ripton resident and Middlebury College student, had just begun Arabic classes at Damascus University in Syria when, on March 18, he was arrested by the Syrian secret police. He spent the next two weeks in a secret police prison, held without any contact with the outside world. Tik would like to use this talk to thank the many members of the Addison County community who rallied around his cause, contributing in a variety of ways to efforts to secure his release. In the talk, he will describe his arrest, imprisonment, and eventual surprise release by the Syrian secret police. He will also share his perspective, gained during previous months of travel and study in the Middle East, on current events in the region.

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