Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ripton Snowjourn in the news

Snowjourn, and the Ripton teen who organized it, are reported on by the Burlington Free Press.
“I’ve always been a skier, so that’s something I could do,” [Sophie] McKibben said. She has no personal ties to the military, but was simply moved to act by reading stories about military families not feeling supported by their communities.

“These people give so much and get so little in return,” McKibben said.

Anne Gorrigan, the Vermont National Guard child and youth program coordinator, helped put McKibben in touch with families by posting an advertisement for the weekend in a newsletter and sending it to families online. Gorrigan said she’s blown away by McKibben’s effort.
From the Snowjourn site:
Snowjourn's mission is to bring Vermont military families to Ripton, Vermont for a FREE weekend of winter fun, including downhill and cross-country skiing, and ice skating. You'll meet fantastic people, learn to ski (or become a better skier) and most importantly, have a great time.

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Anonymous said...

HI Sophie,

We were glad to help you at the dance and potluck for the special families whom you helped feel so welcome.

I have to say that your efforts just hit home. I did enjoy meeting the people who were so lucky to be invited. I lost a cousin last week due to depression after serving in IRAQ. I know you must already know how overloaded the military is with similar cases and they can not give soldiers the support they need. Your generous efforts should be more abundant now I believe. We hope to help out more if you decide to do this again.

Love the Jewett Family