Sunday, January 11, 2009

Willem Jewett on the Douglas education plan

Ripton's state representative responds to governor Douglas' education plans:
Willem Jewett did the math on Gov. Jim Douglas’ proposal Thursday.

Level-funding the Ripton school budget would mean cutting $20,000 out of next year’s just-formulated budget, said Jewett, a Ripton School Board member and a Democratic state representative. Beyond the question of what would have to be cut, he took exception to the notion that the state would tell local residents how much they could spend...

Jewett suggested schools are different from other governmental entities. The courts are planning to close for five days in the next six months to make up their share of the budget cuts, he noted.

“What are going to do — tell the kids you’re not going to school?”

(Burlington Free Press)

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Rob said...

That's one of the reasons we sent our son to Aurora. I am skeptical that that big expensive building will remain in funding for long, with the economy collapsing. We may have to go back to the historic one-room schoolhouses, or schools run out of homes that are off the grid so they still have electricity.