Friday, August 22, 2008

Ripton Community Questionnaire on the Future of the Ripton UM Church

Here's a survey about an important Ripton building. Please, members of the community, fill it out and reply:

Ripton Community Questionnaire on the Future of the Ripton UM Church

Friends of Ripton United Methodist Church (FRUMC) have obtained an architectural analysis and reports from 7 contractors which describe the structural problems of our 144-year-old village church. The questionnaire below seeks to understand the community’s preferences for preserving the building, and how it sees the future of this institution for life events. The questionnaire contains 16 questions asking for a yes or no answer, and each asks you to rate how strongly you feel about it. Please take a few minutes to fill it out and return it to one of the following:
1. By mail to Church Questionnaire, P.O. Box 119, Ripton, VT 05766;
2. Drop off in the box in the entry of the Town Hall;
3. In person to Charles Billings, Kathy Sullivan, Bonnie DeGray, Bill McKibben, Carrie Wulfman, Roger Barkin or Jean Cherouny.

How Strongly Do You Support? 10 = most strongly

1. Would you like to see the Ripton United Methodist Church continue in its current role as a place where Ripton families celebrate life events? (Yes/No) (1 - 10)

2. Would you like to see the Ripton United Methodist Church continue, but do more to include the community and other faiths?(Yes/No) (1 - 10)

3. Would you like to see the Ripton United Methodist Church change its name to The Ripton Community Church?(Yes/No) (1 - 10)

4. Do you agree that the church is one of the defining historic buildings in Ripton village, and that it is important to preserve this landmark?(Yes/No) (1 - 10)

5. The church building was dedicated March 24, 1864. Should an application be submitted to be listed in the National Historic Register?(Yes/No) (1 - 10)

6. Do you agree that it is important for Ripton to have a spiritual center where all families can celebrate their life events?(Yes/No) (1 - 10)

7. The church has very good accoustics. Would you attend concerts at the church?(Yes/No) (1 - 10)

8. Would you attend lectures at the church by residents, Middlebury College faculty and other special guests?(Yes/No) (1 - 10)

9. Would you be more likely to support the church if it were a community organization, not affiliated with any one religious group?(Yes/No) (1 - 10)

10. Would you like the church to share space with the Historical Society to preserve & exhibit Ripton artifacts, pictures, histories & genealogies?(Yes/No) (1 - 10)

11. Would you like to see the church become a space that is also shared with a Ripton Library?(Yes/No) (1 - 10)

12. Would you support the sale of the church for use as a residence or business?(Yes/No) (1 - 10)

13. If the building remains a church would you be willing to make a donation for its restoration?(Yes/No) (1 - 10)

14. Would you be willing to make an additional donation to help accommodate the Ripton Historical Society and Library within the church?(Yes/No) (1 - 10)

15. Would you support the addition of a fire exit, handicap access and bathroom at the rear of the church?(Yes/No) (1 - 10)

16. Would you be willing to attend a meeting at the church to hear about plans for its restoration and the results of this survey? (Yes/No) (1 - 10)

Your Name:

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Your Comments and Questions:


What other religious traditions and/or community events would you like to see take place at the church?


1 comment:

Jerryy said...

As I said on my survey, I think it is important to decide whether the building will remain a church, in which case support would come from religious Riptonians, or if it is a civic building, in which case we could all support it. I suggest the latter, and I suggest that the name be changed to the Ripton Library.

Jerry Shedd